Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiative (SNR-i)


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  • Why Sustainable Natural Rubber initiative (SNR-i)?

  • How SNR-i was developed?

  • Did the SNR-i development process take account of lessons learned from other sustainability initiatives?

  • How and why were the criteria selected?

  • What is Sustainable Natural Rubber ?

  • What is SNR-i industry guidance?

  • Does SNR-i cover the entire NR value chain?

  • Is there any third party certification involved under this initiative?

  • What are the SNR-i implementation procedures and requirements?

  • How sourcing of Sustainable Natural Rubber can be ensured?

  • How can it be possible to segregate between verified Sustainable Natural Rubber and non-verified natural rubber?

  • How small growers are covered under this initiative?

  • What are the future actions for further development of this initiative?